Alright, first things first! One does not simply join a wiki without hearing the rules. So here they are.

  • Cursing and sexual related things must be in stories only, AND have a warning at the beginning.
  • If even the slightest of rudeness goes on between two users, the one being rude will be banned.
  • No inviting users unless I (yukinutau) agree. if you do without my permission, you and all the guests will be banned permanetly.
  • if you ruin someone elses page via spamming or deletion, you will be blocked permanetly.
  • All videos you wish to put on the wiki must be approved.
  • If I feel that I can trust you, you will be given chat moderation if you prove dedicacy. if you ever reach rank 1 on the leaderboard, you will become an admin.
  • Spamming anywhere on the wiki will demote you and ban you for a month.
  • Please don't post things too adorable, we might get heart attacks.
  • only post stuff that doesn't have a fanon wiki it belongs too (no MLP, homestuck)