Kamina, full name Kamina Kittan Teppelin, is a young boy with a sense of adventure which commonly lands him in trouble.

  • Kamina's most seen outfit
  • Kamina and Adiane's concept art

 Bio Edit

Full Name: Kamina Kittan Teppelin (pronounced Kah-mee-nuh)

Age: five

Eye color: brown

Hair color: light brown/very dark blonde

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Dreams: prospit

Appearance Edit

Kamina has very dark blonde, almost light brown hair that is always frizzy, sometimes for professional times it is pulled back into a small ponytail. He has brown eyes which sometimes glow in the light due to him crying a bit from time to time. His most commonly seen outfit is a red, low cut top with very short, but visible, sleeves, with a black sleeveless turtle-neck like undershirt. His red shirt has the symbol of the original Kamina (whom he was after)'s glasses, hand stitched on. He has black, sometimes very dark blue or brown, shorts with black tennis-shoe like flats. He always wears black arm-braces, again sometimes dark blue or brown, around his wrists. 


Kamina is always trying to be brave and strong, even though he may really not feel that way, and always tries to be the biggest hero ever. He occasionally will cry, though he may never admit it, it's always clear. Kamina always feels like something amazing is not enough, being he sometimes can be quite greedy, only to be hit to his senses by Adiane.