Adiane, full name Adiane Nia Teppelin, is a young girl commonly found popping in at the wrong times and making people happy.         

  • Adiane's most commonly seen outfit
  • Adiane's blue dress
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Full name: Adiane Nia Teppelin (prounounced uh-dee-neh)

Age: Seven

Eye color: Yellow

Hair color: hazelnut

Gender: Female                                                                                                                            

Species: unknown                                                                                                                  

Dreams: Prospit

Appearance Edit

Adiane has hazelnut hair with a big clump of it to the right, with a little curl on the left, this sometimes swaps sides. Her hair goes down her shoulders, though she always has a single pigtail on the right side, sometimes a bun. Her eyes are yellow with a cat-like iris. She also has shark-like pointed teeth. Her most common seen outfit is a baby pink dress with lace on the rim, a white midway-to-elbow white undershirt with a collar that goes half way up the neck with ruffles on the tip, a banana yellow bow around her neck, a bow-tie style banana yellow bow on her pigtail, white bloomers with ruffles on the edge (visible below dress), white kneesocks, and magenta flats with a strap. 

Personality Edit

Adiane is mostly cheery and bubbly, though sometimes can be furious and crazy. She most commonly acts to be sweet and gentle to animals, especially cats, being she thinks she can communicate with them. She likes to twirl and jump when excited and when alarmed will hiss, as well as purr when calm and happy/in love.